The Kids Are Out of School

While browsing Facebook, I noticed Master Chip Townsend had posted a picture of himself with his children. Everyone had a big smile. Here’s what he wrote:

I LOVE summer…. My kids are home, so we get to train together more!! Great weight workout today team!!! I love you! #ParentLikeaChamp

ps it drives me crazy when parents whine about their kids being out of school!! Summer break is a blessing!! Love your kids, parent your kids!! 😁😁

(You can see Master Chip’s post here:

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Summer Is a Blessing

I am one of those parents who drives Master Chip crazy. I am so task-oriented that, on occasion, I forget how very blessed I am to have my child in my life. My daughter just got out of school and I couldn’t help but think, What will I do with her during this summer so I can go and get some work done? This is entirely wrong-headed; I knew it was foolish the moment I had the thought. I can’t take her for granted. She won’t be little forever. So, do you want to know what we did today, the first day of her summer break? We played. We laughed. I even learned what an L.O.L. doll is; and I learned how to play properly with one. (Laugh all you want, but I am an excellent pony companion.)

Summer is a blessing that gives you an opportunity to spend more time with your child. Do what you can to make the most of that time; don’t squander it. These moments are precious. And these moments are fleeting. Cherish your time with your kids this summer.


You Will Only Walk This Path Once

And if you aren’t in the parenting era of your life right now, yet somehow I kept your attention through all of this, remember that you also have a precious moment right now. You will only walk the path before you once. Look around. The people you see right now may not be a part of your life in the future. Life takes the members of our tribe in many different directions at different times. Breathe in the joy of this moment. Appreciate what you have and the people who are involved in your life right now.